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We are a very small, independent press. As such, we can't get the distribution lines afforded th BIG 3. We do utilize Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and paperbacks to distribute our books.

We prefer the books to be print-ready. If an editor must be hired, we will charge the writer.

All recompense is royalties only, no advances.


Read these guidlines. Submissions that do not follow guidelines will be deleted.


1) Our books are all woman-centred. The author need not be a woman, but the lead characters MUST be,       they must have agency, they move the plot along not just react to events.
  Never use the female characters as plot points, rewards or background for a male lead.

  We prefer dark with a bit of humour. NO fluffy, romantic, sweet 16 stories.


2) Character driven. We want characters people will care about, not just action-thrillers with cardboard characters reacting to the plot. They must be in charge of their own destiny, or at least working towards it.


3) Submit a cover letter that includes your bio, short description of the story, the first chapter or 10 pages (whichever is longer), a description of your marketing ability/ plans, genre, etc.


4) Genres we accept:
Fantasy; urban or medieval/ high/ epic

Literary; gritty, real, deeply into character not events

Paranormal Mystery; must have a fantastical element: fairies, pirates, witches, vampires, etc (NO FANFIC)

Cookbooks; must be simple to use, have a theme; historical, ethnic, meads and beers etc.

Mysteries; prefer cozy mysteries with a female lead, must have series potential


Send your cover letter and 10 pages to


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